120,000 rpm power

The Roidmi X20 Lite’s digital motor
goes up to 120,000 rpm
435 W and 25,000 Pa,
thus becoming one of the most
powerful vacuum cleaners on the market.

Built-in APP

Connect your mobile by
Bluetooth and enjoy a
more efficient cleaning.

65-minute range

The Roidmi X20 Lite’s
high-performance battery provides
it with up to 65 minutes running in
standard mode, 40 minutes in medium mode
and 10 minutes in turbo mode.

It can be turned into a handheld vacuum cleaner

The Roidmi X20 Lite is easily turned into a handheld vacuum cleaner, weighing only 1.5 kg, which helps clean more specific and localised areas, such as the sofa, bedding covers and car upholstery

Efficient cleaning and innovative design

The Roidmi vacuum cleaners combine elegance with innovation, applying minimalism as a concept. Thanks to that, they have received major design awards, such as the Red Dot Award and German iF Award.


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Double air purification

The Roidmi X20 Lite has a built-in double filter system, with a front and rear filter, including 6 layers of air filters. Thanks to this cutting-edge filtering mechanism, the Roidmi X20 Lite disposes of allergens and dust mites and releases purified fresh air.

Forget about the trigger

Roidmi vacuum cleaners have won international awards thanks to their ergonomic design, which allows their use in any situation with one hand and without having to pull any trigger. Its 270º handle also helps clean under furniture with barely any effort.

Multiple accessories, multiple possibilities

Every accessory of the X20 Lite model adapts to the different surfaces of your home, enabling full cleaning.

And more. A lot more…

65-minute range

270-degree handle

120.000 rpm motor

Which is your Roidmi?
Motor power 80.000 rpm 100.000 rpm 100.000 rpm 120.000 rpm 120.000 rpm
Battery 40-minute range 50-minute range 55-minute range 65-minute range 65-minute range
Weight of body 1,3 kg 1,5 kg 1,5 kg 1,5 kg 1,5 kg
Filter 4-stage HEPA 4-stage HEPA 4-stage HEPA 6-stage HEPA 6-stage HEPA
Corner piece and multi-purpose brush
Extension pipe (*) Sold separately (*) Sold separately
Mini anti-mite brush (*) Sold separately (*) Sold separately (*) Sold separately
Mop (*) Sold separately
Cordless charging
Header with LED
Warranty 5-year for the motor, 2-year for components 5-year for the motor, 2-year for components 5-year for the motor, 2-year for components 5-year for the motor, 2-year for components 5-year for the motor, 2-year for components
Warranty and quality with Roidmi

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